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Learning Race Cars

When my Andy and I started dating, it was race season- motorsports race season. He watches every type of race imaginable- Nascar, Xfinity, Indy Car, Indy Lights, Formula 1, Imsa...The list goes on. I didn't understand any of it, so in an effort to share in his interest, I chose a driver to cheer for and it happened to be Kyle Bush. Little did I know that this would be largely frowned upon, but he's still my guy to this day. We've been to a few Indy Car races- where I support Pagenaud and Castroneves, but our home track has become Virginia International Raceway. We don't get to see Nascar or Indy Car, but it is a great place to watch races of other series like WeatherTech and Trans-Am.

Photos from the Gold Cup Race 2019

This race track originally opened in 1957 and according to some of the original attendees ( yes, they still come and watch the races) it was a pretty wild place back in those days- driving around the grounds naked on motorcycles, skinny dipping in the pond... Who knew that these now laid back grandparents were so wild back in the day?! Unfortunately, due to economical circumstances, the track closed in 1974 and remained closed for about 25 years until Connie Nyholm and Harvey Siegel restored the abandoned race track.

Andy and Danny with owner Connie Nyholm

Andy and his dad Wilbur Bruner racing GoCarts at VIR in 2009

VIR is a great place to hang out for the day, meet new friends, and watch great races. Even if you're not a motorsports enthusiast, it can be an enjoyable and different way to spend an afternoon.

Scott Lagasse Jr- this is not going to buff out.

Andy with Willy T Ribbs- first African-American rac car driver to test a Formula One car and compete in the Indy 500. He also has a documentary out called Uppity

Race car driven by Willie T Ribbs (2018)

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